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Present at NRHA events

NRHA is accepting presentation submissions for the 2015 Rural Health Clinic and Critical Access Hospital Conferences through May 18. The online application process is now open for the RHC conference and for the CAH conference. The events will be Sept.... more

Continue the campaign to #SaveRural hospitals

NRHA has developed advocacy materials for you to review and share, along with three simple requests for members to ask their senators and representatives. Infographics depicting the assault and individual threats posted to rural hospitals and CAHs... more


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Brock A. Slabach, MPH, FACHE

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  • Brock A. Slabach, MPH, FACHE

    Health Affairs implies hospital closures don’t matter

    Yes, you read that correctly. Health Affairs reported in its May 2015 edition that “Hospital Closures...

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  • Brock A. Slabach, MPH, FACHE

    Low-Volume Hospitals Better According to BMJ

    NRHA Member Ed Gamache from Michigan forwarded me an article entitled "Association of hospital volume with readmission...

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    Help stop Medicare sequestration extension; contact Congress today

    Right now, both the House and Senate are working on bills dealing with trade adjustment assistance (TAA). Essentially,...


Supreme Court upholds ACA subsidies in states using federal insurance marketplace

Today, the Supreme Court decided the case of King v. Burwell, permitting subsidies for the purchase of insurance in states that rely on the federally run health insurance marketplace. A little bit about the case: This case (or actually cases, the court put together a number of cases asking the same question) asked whether the […]

Sen. Grassley introduces additional rural hospital model bill

The Rural Emergency Acute Care Hospital Act of 2015 (S.1648) was introduced today by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), to establish a new Medicare payment designation, the Rural Emergency Hospital to sustain emergency services in rural communities. Rural hospitals are critical to the 62 million rural Americans that rely on them to receive necessary local care. […]

Appropriations season in full swing

The Fiscal Year 2016 appropriations are underway. The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee will markup FY 2016 Labor, Health and Human Services Funding Bill, which includes funding for multiple important rural health programs, at 3 p.m. ET today. To listen live, click here. Tomorrow the full House Appropriations Committee will markup the bill. The House report is […]

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    June Grassroots Call

    Posted in: Grassroots Advocacy...

    Attached is the PowerPoint we were not able to get working for today's call, as well as talking points...

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  • Brock A. Slabach, MPH, FACHE

    Sen. Grassley introduces additional rural hospital...

    Posted in: Grassroots Advocacy...

    The Rural Emergency Acute Care Hospital Act of 2015 (S.1648), attached, was introduced today by Sen....

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    Grassroots Call Rescheduled for June 30

    Posted in: Grassroots Advocacy...

    Tomorrow's grassroots call is rescheduled for Tuesday, June 30 at 12 p.m. ET. The call will be postponed...

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    RE: Join the Walk to Support Rural Hospitals

    Posted in: Grassroots Advocacy...

    Thanks as always to Bob Bowman for data, history and a reminder about what actually works to provide...

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    Diane Calmus

    National Rural Health Association
    Washington, DC

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    Kathy Detar Gennuso, DHCE, MSBLE

    Pittsburgh, PA

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    Chris Altom

    MidFirst Healthcare Lending
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